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Hulu Plus Overview

If you like Hulu and want to use it on your tablet, smartphone, or streaming device, then you’ll love Hulu Plus. It’s a premium service that not only let’s you watch free content on the go, but it also offers fairly recent movies and entire tv series as well. Hulu Plus costs $7.99/month, but you can get a free month from various outlets if you’re not sure about subscribing to it immediately.From your web browser, there’s no difference in the layout of the site. Hulu Plus just opens up more content for you to watch. The biggest thing about the service is the ability to watch content on mobile and streaming devices. Overall, this is great for those who want to catch up on their favorite shows on something besides a PC or Mac.

Can Hulu Plus replace cable

Can Hulu Plus replace cable? Not really. TV episodes are added to the service either a day or more after it air. It can enhance cable by giving you a place to catch up on shows you missed or didn’t watch when they were on the air. The same goes for classic and indie movies as well. Hulu Plus subscribers have access to the Criterion Collection and a few new releases before they are available on disc or digital download services.

If you own a streaming device, tablet or smartphone, you can download the Hulu Plus app for free once you’ve subscribed to the service. It’s recommended that you have an unlimited data plan if you wish to use 3G/4G for streaming. Otherwise, you’ll be paying overage fees every time you watch something on the go or when you’re not using a WiFi connection.

Hulu Plus may not be a cheap replacement to cable on its own, but it can be if combined with another streaming service or if all of your favorites shows are available on their website. Take a look at what they have before telling the cable guy to take a hike. Beyond that, Hulu Plus is a great service with enough content to keep you entertained at home or on the go.